Laura Michael is an Armenian-American activist, educator and writer who was born and raised in Rhode Island. She received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Rhode Island and a master’s degree in education from New York University. Laura has taught at the elementary, middle school and college levels in New York and Massachusetts and is currently a school district administrator in California.

Laura’s work has been published in the Armenian Weekly newspaper and she is a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.

Traveling is one of her favorite pastimes and some of her most memorable trips include swimming with sharks at the Great Barrier Reef and finding her great-grandparents’ former homes in Historic Armenia (eastern Turkey).  Laura lives in Los Angeles, where she enjoys going for long walks with her dog, Roxy, and lounging on the beach with a good book.

Click the image below to order Laura’s children’s book, Under the Light of the Moon.